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Services and Fees

A variety of services are available from acupuncture consultations to oriental medical diagnosis and personalized acupuncture treatment.


Acupuncture Initial

Includes medical history overview, physical examine, Chinese medical diagnosis and acupuncture treatment.

1 hr 20 min - $110


Acupuncture Follow Up

Individualized acupuncture treatment based on the Chinese medical diagnosis from initial appointment.

1 hr - $80

Feel the Pulse

Chair Acupuncture

Convenient acupuncture for relax, detox and rejuvenation with fully dressed sitting in the chair. Call us at 410.720.2464 to schedule an appointment.

30 min - $30



Releases toxins, relaxes tightness, and triggers the lymphatic system. Call us at 410.720.2464 to schedule to schedule an appointment.

30 min - $30

Beauty Consultant

Free Consultation

Phone or in-person consultation to learn more about acupuncture and find out how acupuncture may benefit to you wellness. Call us at 410.720.2464 for details and to schedule your free consultation.

20 min - Free

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture Package

  • Acupuncture Initial Package (1 Initial + 2 Follow-ups) $240

  • Acupuncture Package of 5 Follow-ups $350

  • Acupuncture Package of 10 Follow-ups $650

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